Maruti Agri Seeds at a glance

We, at Maruti Agri Seeds believe in delivering top dealing experience to our clients, while creating business value for all supply chain partners. We have always enjoyed the confidence and respect of our clients in the seeds industry for consistent supply of premium quality seeds at reasonable prices.

The company has been serving the farming community since long time by providing them the best quality seeds developed through inculcating the latest technologies & innovations in Research, Production, Processing, Quality Assurance and Marketing. At present, Maruti Agri Seeds can be supplied many F1 Hybrid and Open Pollinated vegetable seed varieties. The company produces as well as markets its vegetable seed both in domestic and international markets.

The company is benefitted from the latest technology of the group and is well supported with modern facilities of the group. As per commitment the company lays thrust to provide the customers the best quality seeds with the efforts of each function of the organization.

  • R&D: Maruti Agri Seeds develops new improved varieties of seeds through plant breeding by using latest technologies & procedures
  • Production: The growers are inculcated with the skills and equipped with the latest technologies for producing quality seed material. The best quality seed lot with highest genetic purity is selected.
  • Quality Assurance: The seeds are tested for germination, purity, vigour, moisture content to maintain the highest quality seeds.
  • Processing: The seeds which meet the stringent quality standards are processed & packed using latest technology.
  • Sales & Marketing: The Company reaches out to farmers across India through a robust distribution network facilitated by dynamic sales & marketing team.